Michael StarrRotten Puppets

Come on Now and Smooch the Mooch!

Heyyyy, who doesn't wanna Smooch the Mooch! Pucker up baby! Want to enjoy this and the other GIFs I have made for World Go Boom? COOL! Check out the GIPHY page at: https://giphy.com/channel/worldgoboom and share to your hearts conte…
Steel Panther SatchelRotten Puppets

Sexy Satchel is Ripping it Up on Guitar

When your house band is Steel Panther you expect nothing but the best shredding on guitar. Satchel is the supercharged sex machine plucking those strings like only he can. Hot sticky.
Michael StarrRotten Puppets

Michael Starr you motherfucker...

Curious who is going to lead the World Go Boom house band? Look no further! The mighty Steel Panther is the only group on the planet that can properly represent us.