Mister Muffstache MovemberRotten Puppets

Mister Muffstache IS Movember!

https://youtu.be/RhRkielVJdQ Mister Maxwell Muffstache is the name, and having a party in my pants is the game. So step right in and open your mouth I've got the batter to make your day. It's a beard loving party. Check out more crazy…
Osama final momentsRotten Puppets

Osama bin Laden's Final Moments

https://youtu.be/YP0OEx6jRHI Osama bin Laden is dead. Anyone who has turned on a TV in the past weeks knows this.. But what happened behind the scenes is still a mystery.. We hope to uncover, piece by piece; exactly what happened in Osama's…
Wolfun iranian stoningRotten Puppets

Iranian Stoning, Al Gore gets Toxic, Labor Day, and the NFL!

https://youtu.be/w1a2xD67GSU Busy update today and a long one at that. Hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day weekend and is getting back into the swing of things now, I know we are! Today we're covering the Iranian woman who was lashed 99…