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Drop The Booty & Make It Rain

An excerpt from Make It Rain for magical meme use. I’ve been taking the back catalog of Rotten Puppets lately and carving out these tasty bite sized treats to use. But don’t despair, new content IS on the way and a live show is starting in just a few weeks so keep your TV tuned […]

Super Obama

Sometimes you can just enjoy what possible could have been. Obama doubling as a superhero would have been epic. Hell if he became one NOW it may even be that much EXTRA (heard a kid saying that, our future) to take the world over by storm and free us from the oppression of Fuhrer Trump. […]

Terry East’s Airport Struggles

Life as a Terry East on the run is not always peaches and cream. Well it’s a LOT of cream but maybe just not the peaches. That’s his personal choice, give him a break. Anyways, Terry East is constantly being checked by the TSA and I know what you’re thinking. Terry East.. Terrorist. Good job […]

First… there were Dinosaurs

In 2005 a dream was realized. With a crappy html site that was way too bright and a video camera using cassettes I started making puppet videos. Posting them to places like Break, DailyMotion, YouTube among others. Mild success, added a forums, sold some merch, and enjoyed providing a level of disgusting puppet videos not […]

Rotten Puppets is joining Space Force

It should come as no surprise that the Trump Administration has kept their eyes on us ever since Zibble ran for President in 2016. We get it, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The question is.. how close are we? Close enough to get an invite from President Trump himself to be a […]


Mister Muffstache IS Movember!

Mister Maxwell Muffstache is the name, and having a party in my pants is the game. So step right in and open your mouth I’ve got the batter to make your day. It’s a beard loving party. Check out more crazy stuff at http://www.fleecehead.com and tell them the tigerblood king sent you. Movember Approved! UPDATE […]