Zibble: The EscapeRotten Puppets

First... there were Dinosaurs

In 2005 a dream was realized. With a crappy html site that was way too bright and a video camera using cassettes I started making puppet videos. Posting them to places like Break, DailyMotion, YouTube among others. Mild success, added a forums,…
puppets shonuff harlemRotten Puppets

The Shogun of Harlem

https://youtu.be/S8j_2R4I-1o Who is the one true Master? Sho'Nuff The Shogun... of Harlem!
Obama Middle FingerRotten Puppets

A message from former President Obama

This message Trumplethinskin is just for you. From your boy Barack.
Mister Muffstache MovemberRotten Puppets

Mister Muffstache IS Movember!

https://youtu.be/RhRkielVJdQ Mister Maxwell Muffstache is the name, and having a party in my pants is the game. So step right in and open your mouth I've got the batter to make your day. It's a beard loving party. Check out more crazy stuff…
Osama final momentsRotten Puppets

Osama bin Laden's Final Moments

https://youtu.be/YP0OEx6jRHI Osama bin Laden is dead. Anyone who has turned on a TV in the past weeks knows this.. But what happened behind the scenes is still a mystery.. We hope to uncover, piece by piece; exactly what happened in Osama's…
Puppets struggleRotten Puppets

Puppets Struggle for Survival

https://youtu.be/1aK5JSexTN0 Surviving the streets of NY is a tough battle. Not everyone makes it out alive. Some struggle. This is, there struggle. UPDATE 2018: I don't even know. Can't remember actually making this but I've watched it a…
Zibble saves the dayRotten Puppets

Obama Attack caught on tape

https://youtu.be/DsXSSdOn6r8 President Obama has been caught attacking a member of the opposing party. This savage beating shows the man begging for his life. Luckily he hangs on by the skin of his teeth to survive. https://www.rottenpuppets.com…
Obama hate mailRotten Puppets

Obama Hate Mail

https://youtu.be/v69biFtmAxs Obama gets a lot of hate mail here. I think people just don't understand him. Being a President is tough work, and Obama does what he can in the Rotten Universe. UPDATE 2018: Okay this is something friends have…
Obama saves America with an STDRotten Puppets

Obama 3 things to save America

https://youtu.be/uEW2Z_of6ZM President Obama has a plan. And in this plan are 3 things to help the country rebound from it's state of emergency and once again become the Superpower it has and always will be. The Obamadome gives him the ability…