michael starr puppetsRotten Puppets

That's When You Came In - Preview Clip

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IIszw_p8uo Woahhhh MOMMA! Eye spy with my one juicy eye a Steel Panther teaser released by surprise!
Obama Love SongRotten Puppets

The Obama Love Song

https://youtu.be/BMYxJ0jgjIQ President Obama's expression of lust, love, and lizards shoots out of his lips and into our brains. How will his gal Hil react? Who knows! Lyrics: Hey Hillary baby It's your boy Barack And I've got out…
Make It RainRotten Puppets

Make It Rain - Lil' Pupp & Obama

https://youtu.be/dFIVbnsVkUQ Rap Star Lil' Pupp is bringing the house down with 'Make It Rain' his first single. Also featuring the Presidential Puppet for this one of a kind performance. A Rotten Puppets Production. Hard, thrusting lyrics…