The Wolfun Commeth! A Tribute to Andrew Dice Clay one of the greatest (and dirtiest) comedians of all time. So kick back, turn the speakers up, and enjoy the filthy nursery rhymes that made The Diceman a superstar!

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UPDATE 2018: Andrew Dice Clay is absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest comedians of my generation and of all time. I love the fucking guy. He is the perfect asshole. He is the asshole smaller assholes strive to be like because his asshole game HAS NO HOLES in it. Seriously. His act is just fucking perfection. If you don’t agree that’s cool, you’re probably a waterhead of something 🙂

This is a living tribute to him. I’ve sent it to him and tagged him from time to time on it. I have no idea if he has ever seen it, one can hope.