In 2005 a dream was realized. With a crappy html site that was way too bright and a video camera using cassettes I started making puppet videos. Posting them to places like Break, DailyMotion, YouTube among others.
Mild success, added a forums, sold some merch, and enjoyed providing a level of disgusting puppet videos not seen by most. Social media back then was still pretty mute and most people were not all over the internet like they are today. Hell for some it was still a dial up and flip phone world.
By 2012 all of the sites were dead, life and work took over and Rotten Puppets was an afterthought. Into the bins they all went for long-term storage. Hell I even dumped the domain name at one point, figuring the ship sailed.
Fast forward to 2018. YouTube Content Creation is at an all-time high, social media can help launch your show with one image, and people are actually consuming content. By the ton. The long standing domain alert I paid for to one day recover Rotten Puppets went off and destiny was chosen for me.
Combining the new 2D puppet show I’ve been working on ‘World Go Boom’ into the existing Rotten Puppets Universe, and ‘The Wolfun Show’ which is a filthy mascot talking to people is just what this world needs. Add in the simplicity of live streaming and my fate was sealed.
We’re putting the band back together.