Mister Maxwell Muffstache is the name, and having a party in my pants is the game. So step right in and open your mouth I’ve got the batter to make your day. It’s a beard loving party.

Check out more crazy stuff at http://www.fleecehead.com and tell them the tigerblood king sent you. Movember Approved!

UPDATE 2018: This was the LAST piece from the old Rotten Puppets site, another 3-4 months after the quick Osama video and only a :45 second clip at that. 7 years ago. Movember was taking the internet by storm and I made a quick video as a sign of solidarity because men’s health is important.

Not to mention, Max aka Mister Muffstache has a gorgeous creepy uncle, fuzzy caterpillar, call it what you want.. It’s glorious!

So it ended here folks. This is the final video from the old guard reposted here on the NEW Rotten Puppets site that has come up from the shadows of the night 7 years later.