Julius Carry aka Sho’Nuff Tribute from The Last Dragon

A puppet tribute to Sho'Nuff and the greatest villain entrance of all time!! Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon.

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Thank you Julius Carry III for bringing Sho’Nuff to the silver screen. You immortalized what it meant to be a hilarious 1980’s stylized bad ass character. Walking that fine line between villain and hero to the people. Maybe all won’t agree… but secretly… I cheered for you every moment of the movie.

Except for when you wrecked Daddy Green’s Pizza. Mom and Pop didn’t deserve that man!

Sho'Nuff was my favorite Julius Carry III role

Look you can check out the mans IMDB above. Julius was a absolute f’n LEGEND. He was a great actor that played roles in dozens of popular television series throughout the years. But for me? The Shogun of Harlem was his ultimate role. One I will never… ever… forget!

Your lines are forever ingrained into my memory, shaping my humor and vision.

You will be remembered, forever.

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