The Obama Love Song (Full Puppet Music Video)

Who wants to head the Obama Love Song? Presidential Puppet Obama’s expression of lust, love, and lizards shoots out of his lips and into our brains. How will his gal Hillary react? Who knows!

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Lyrics to the Obama Love Song:

Hey Hillary baby
It’s your boy Barack
And I’ve got out my cock
Thinking about you.. and me

When I see you around the office baby
All I think about is us..
When I see you around the office baby
I’m lookin at your sweet bust..

Your bending over for papers
Your taking a phone call
Your licking on my balls

It’s no surprise
What did you think was gonna happen when I got you away from Bill?
That was my master plan all along
He wants my kind of women .. And I want you

Don’t don’t don’t don’t be scared
I don’t bite
I brought you flowers and chocolate kisses
And you’re gonna have them’ all night

When I see you walkin’ around the halls of the White House
All I’m thinking is that you’re my
Cream in my coffee
The sugar that stirs the pot

Because Hillary darling.. Mmmmmm you’re so hot

Now don’t be a fool
You can’t let everybody know
You gotta keep it a secret between you and me
You’re not my secretary of state for nothing
The state of my pants.. hard.. and waiting

So what do ya say baby
Do you feel the way I do
Do you yearn the way I yearn
Do you have that thunderous burning deep inside that says:
Ohh I need you Barak baby
I want you big daddy

Well I feel that way for you girl
And as the President
I have one proclamation
The proclamation for my erection
And it’s pointed straight at you..

So have no fear
Accept my Presidential package
Open wide Hillary
Daddy’s home.

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