Wolfun TV – Alien Swarm, Stephen Hawking, Japanese Sex Robots

We’re covering Valve’s new FREE Shooter Alien Swarm, Scientist Stephen Hawking’s most recent proclamations on space settlement, and inventors from Japan potentially having sex with their robots.

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Wolfun TV is an episodic show on the dumber side of life. Mocking politics, celebrity, professional sports, and every dumb moment as a society we are unfortunately forced to experience. 6’4″ toe to tip our pal Wolfun shares his life experiences with you, no holds barred, and everything is fair game.


0:00 Intro
0:13 Alien Swarm video game quick review
1:06 Stephen Hawking
1:57 Japanese Sex Robots

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Episode Transcription:

No wolves have been harmed in the filming of this video.


Alien Swarm. It’s a new game that came out by Valve Software. Alien swarm. You’re gonna fight from the top down. You’re going to look at the world around you and you’re going to kill a whole lot of aliens. You’re gonna fight a swarm of aliens. A lot of aliens. You understand the gravity of the situation. Aliens are everywhere not a person like you not a wolf like me but there are aliens all around. And there’s nothing you can do to stop. But you got to kill all the aliens every last one of them. Don’t let any survive, escape while you can. AlienSwarm.com you can even come play with me your favorite wolf Rotten Puppets on Steam ID come shoot me, Why not? What the heck right? Maybe you put a ball in the wolf? Maybe you don’t, you probably will, I kind of suck. I suck.


Up next for this Tuesday, August 10. Stephen Hawking, Stephen Hawking, Stephen Hawking, Stephen Hawking, the world’s biggest space bullshit artist, Stephen Hawking’s telling you and me that in a couple of 100 years, we got to get off this planet. Let me repeat that for you that might be a little bit slower, and don’t understand this. Mathematician science nerd, Stephen Hawking is telling you and me in a couple of 100 years we’re going to need to move I don’t know about you people, but I ain’t gonne live a couple 100 years. Now the average life expectancy of a wolf is about 18 years so already pretty far past my prime. We’ll see what happens world will we live will the aliens eat us. If the aliens do land from above. I hope they come visit me maybe I could lead them to you. And we can eat you together.


Yum yum yum yum yum.


Japan has released another robot this time? Well, no arms, no legs, just the torso. Can’t fuck it. But it’s just the torso. So what are you gonna do with the torso robot, they say it’s a communications robot but I mean come on you and I both know those Japanese people build robots to have sex with they’re not building them for fun. There not building them to be on the radio. There not building them for anything but sex xxx Come on everybody. You and I both know the Japanese are building robots… For a little bit of that. They don’t wanna to save the world. What are they gonna save the world from there on an island. They’re looking for a little hokey pokey.


Wolfun time.