Wolfun TV – Marinating Cats, Roasting Hoff, and thanks for 200 subscribers!

Today we talk about marinating cats, roasting The Hoff, and a thank you for 200+ subscribers and counting!

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Wolfun TV is an episodic show on the dumber side of life. Mocking politics, celebrity, professional sports, and every dumb moment as a society we are unfortunately forced to experience. 6’4″ toe to tip our pal Wolfun shares his life experiences with you, no holds barred, and everything is fair game.



0:00 Intro – It’s time to get Furry!
0:14 Marinating Cats
1:35 Gary the animal abuser – FU
1:39 Comedy Central Roasting David Hasslehoff
2:51 200 Subs – Thank you!

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Episode Transcription

Hey everybody, it’s Tuesday, August 17, it is time to get furry.


off tough guy Gary cock suck whatever his name is gets pulled over for running a stop sign, stop sign, stop. That’s it. Nothing more. And the cop says, Hey, what’s meowing in your truck? Think about this. What’s meowing in your truck? So a guy blows a stop sign with a meowing cat in this trunk covered in oil, crushed red peppers and hot peppers, other hot peppers and green peppers combos all kinds of peppers. The cop goes through and says this jerk off says to him “Oh, yeah, the cat’s been bad. So I’m marinating and I’m gonna eat it tonight.” Gonna eat it But hey, I know sometimes it’s a bad kitty out there being what I am me and the kitties don’t get along. But I don’t want to marinate one; little extreme in for a guy like me. So I took the guy in front of the prison he’s gonna get you know picked up an animal cruelty charges now. And now you know, unfortunately, we’re not gonna do anything about it. It’s the society we live in. We all talk a big game. Oh, hey, I’m gonna kill that guy that does this to this animal. I’m gonna kill this guy that does this to this animal. But nobody does anything. Because the bottom line is the laws don’t do anything to protect us. They protect you humans. So if I come up with a bat and go wack I’m gonna do you know life in prison for hitting you with a baseball bat. But you can electrocute me and set me on fire. And nothing happens. I’ve been the wrist pal that’s all you’re gonna get. This is for you, Gary. A Gary the animal abuser. Why don’t you come pick on someone your own size, like me.


So let’s talk about the roast. There was a big roast this weekend. And it was David Hasselhoff. I mean, you know him. a hamburger fan, Baywatch. nightrider. America’s Got Talent. millions of records sold in Germany. I mean, he was the next Falco in Germany. Right. I mean, Falco dies Hasselhoff reigns supreme. But yeah, you know, they roasted Hasselhoff. It was fucking horrible. What else can I say? I mean, it sucked. I’ve seen a lot of these roads that are usually really good. There’s two people that save the entire night. Otherwise, you may as well just take a shit, put it on a plate even up because that’s how you’re going to get your face when you’re watching this roast. It was just absolutely horrible, Greg Giraldo, fantastic. Double thumbs up you Greg, you’re always on point. And Jeffrey Ross, you dirty little bastard, and your Speedo and you’re fro’d out hair and your fucking leather jacket. It made me sick. I actually thought I was gonna vomit where I was watching the show. And for that. I applaud you.


So we hit the magic to 200 subscribers, and I just wanted to thank you and say. I’m feeling pretty cool about it. I got a new pair of shades. I’m just chilling. I’m glad you’re with me. 200 subscribers and a whole lot of more friends. I’m proud to meet every last one of you. If you think I’m cool, funny. aces. If you think I’m a big giant asshole well then. Hey, maybe I am. Thanks for watching.


I’m feeling cool. You’re looking cool. So hey, let’s have a party.